Mental Health & Our Children

Mental Health Matters!

Join us to educate yourself about various mental health disorders and help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health! This presentation will focus on mental health in children and how it affects the children in our lives, as well as how we were affected as children ourselves.

Jenny will share her wealth of knowledge to help us better understand how to live with these mental health issues that affect every single one of us every day, whether we are aware or not.

Jenny Starosta is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in working with maternal mental health, and the issues and challenges associated with children, adolescents and families.  She received her Phd from Temple University and has been practicing psychology since 2003. Jenny works to help people understand how things like their own depression, ADHD or trauma interacts with their upbringing and current circumstances to impact their lives. 

The event is finished.


Sep 17 2023


2:00 pm


The Hasbrouck Education and Career Center


Deanna Hasbrouck
Deanna Hasbrouck
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